2015 Report Card & 2016 Trends to watch for

'Tis the Season for some ~Introspection~

2015 was a rollercoaster for many but a fun year full of good food and lessons learned.  We've spoken to many of you during the year and last few months to round up our biggest observations for the year and also what's to come for the year ahead.   


  • The rise and commercialization of veggie rices, breads, anything gluten (think: cauliflower "rice" & crust).  This in response to 1 in 5 Americans now avoiding gluten or otherwise including gluten-free options into their daily diet.
  • All-day breakfast, for days.  When it becomes a trend at chains and upscale establishments, you know its here to stay.  Who doesn't love eggs benedict for dinner?
  • We're all really busy.  Anything not central to work or love will be outsourced, including driving, laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc.  I mean, its not that we're lazy...we're just realll busy.
  • Avocado. On. Everything.
  • Food that tastes good is one thing.  Food that looks Insta-good is another.
  • Smaller curated menus.  Fewer options by chefs and new restaurants alike, focusing on their core expertise.  Quality > quantity in a generation of FOMO and choice overload.  



  • Work needs to work for you.  Gone are the days of a strict 9-5 job but one that respects work-life balance.
  • Chipotle will no longer charge extra for guac.
  • On that note, the Avo Emoji will finally come to fruition.  
  • Wearable food. Because going to the cafeteria is already too much an effort.
  • Probiotic booze.  Detox to retox, right?
  • Sippable skincare.  Beauty from the inside out in its rawest form, for specific issues that people may have, including anti-aging, glow, and deep moisture.  
  • McDonald's is going to supersize a big fat healthy menu. 
  • Bacon that burns calories.  We've had enough bacon cross donuts.
  • Scratch n' Sniff Instagram.  Because eye candy is just not enough.
  • The jeans industry will continue to see a slowdown.  Its all about that "multifunctional apparel", tripling as workout gear, office badass and party king / queen.
  • The concept of women having a "purse" will slowly be questioned.  Smart lipstick, anyone?  The Internet Of Things will continue to change the world at an unprecedented rate.  
  • Meditation for the masses, including children at school, and "no phone" policies more widely enforced in public areas.  

So there you have it.  Two full years, summarized in 18 bullet points.  Did anything else happen that we missed?  Don't think so.  Here's to 2016 and another exciting year ahead.   Bottom's up!