“For last year's words belong to last year's language.  And next year's words await another voice..”

– T.S. Eliot


With the hardest of Winter behind us, we are so ready to re-calibrate and spring into the warmer months of 2016.  March's theme is "self-growth" – a perfect time to look toward the future but also inwards, specifically at the language we speak to ourselves and others.

We're so excited to sit down with Kim Kaull, a loyal JRINKer and the Founder of Wavecrest Calligraphy.  She's here to share her story, inspirations and partner with us on an exciting workshop guiding you through the process of creating your own "theme word" for the year.  Keep calm, read on because you.won't.wanna.miss.this.  



JRINK: So Kim, tell us your story?

KK: I’m a New Englander, and a sailor; I consider this the way I first identify myself. I landed ashore here in DC and while I love my breezy seaside home, I didn’t realize quite how much until I spent humid days indoors and that's when I created Wavecrest Calligraphy.  It’s only one piece of my daily life and who I am. I have a full-time career in PR right here in DC.  So calligraphy is really my “side hustle,” and I like it that way!


JRINK: We definitely feel you on that humidity thing. What was it that brought you to calligraphy? 

KK: I knew I loved calligraphy at 10 when I learned from Betty-Bok, the perfect lady from another era.  At the time I learned foundational hand with broad slanted nibs, very different from the pointed pen I write now!  After not practicing for a long time, I picked up pointed pen myself through a Skillshare class taught by Molly Jacques, and am self-practiced from there.


JRINK: That's awesome!  It does take a certain someone to self-teach a new hobby.  When did you decide calligraphy was meant to be your "side hustle" and not just a hobby? 

KK: I started my business when I moved to DC. I’m a creative person at heart, and launching my career in PR, I knew I needed a creative outlet.  Fast forward 2 years, I love knowing I come home each day to creative work that is my very own.


JRINK:  With a full-time gig, plus your business, how do you ensure to fit in some "you time"?

KK: It’s easy to get caught up in the bustle of everyday activities but I do make meaningful time for myself.  I make sure to schedule everything, so I don’t get overwhelmed and end up working 24/7. This was an important lesson I learned pretty early on. When I say schedule everything, I mean..everything.


The best way I make time for “me” though, is by being more mindful, especially when doing something for myself. Whether it’s when I’m making an espresso, cooking a meal, or listening to a podcast, I put my phone down and enjoy the moment. One of my other favorite ways to make time for myself is by reclaiming the mornings.  I know the mornings aren’t for everyone, but I have always loved the silence of the early morning. These days, if I don’t wake up early to write calligraphy for a client project, this is when I read. It’s an easy way to do something for myself without even getting out of bed!


JRINK: Amazing advice. We can all use a reminder to take a mental (and digital) break each day to just "be". So, what are your goals for 2016?

KK: My number one goal for 2023 is to say “yes” more. Last year I was taught to say “no” in order to save myself, and to provide myself with more time, ideal clients, etc.  Just go for it, who knows what kind of opportunity could be on your doorstep.