How to Detox Both Your Body and Mind for a More Positive Outlook on Life

If you are going through a stressful period of your life, it can be helpful to gain a new perspective and some clarity. With work, relationships, and finances, things can easily pile up and you can feel as if you’re no longer in control. However, it’s never too late to take charge and gain a positive outlook on life. There are easy ways to detox both your body and mind so you can embrace positivity and deal with everyday challenges without getting too stressed. Just be open to new approaches and you will be on your way to happiness.

 5 cold pressed juices lined up in a row

With a lot of stress and sadness in the world right now, it is imperative to take time for your self-care. Check out this guide on how to help detox your body and mind:


Small Changes You Can Add to Your Daily Habits for Detox

When people read the word “detox” they may assume that you have to do a multiple-day regimen. Though some people may make that choice, there are things you can do on a daily basis to detox your body.  Take a look at these simple tips. 


Stay Hydrated

Hydration has been scientifically linked to brain function and ensuring that you have the ability to exercise at your fullest potential.  On top of that, staying hydrated can help your digestive system which subsequently assists your body in detoxing. If you have trouble staying hydrated, just remember to carry a water bottle with you wherever you go. You can also swap out soda for water at restaurants and cut down on alcohol intake.


Make The Switch From Coffee To Green Tea

Though there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a cup of coffee, you should reconsider your intake if you experience negative effects or have a lot of stress and anxiety. If you still want a morning pick-me-up, make the switch towards green tea. Scientific research has shown that drinking green tea can improve your brain function, help you burn off fats, and prevent heart disease.  Similarly, switching your regular juice to cold-pressed juice, may be another small move towards a better lifestyle.


Prioritize Your Sleep Schedule

Life can get busy. There could be times where you are so swamped with work you may feel like pulling an all-nighter. Or your mind may be racing with the worries of the world. However, you need to prioritize your sleep schedule if you want to detox your body and live a healthier lifestyle. Our bodies need rest to get more energy. To improve your sleep schedule, try using essential oils, burning candles before bed time, and dimming the lights so you ease into it. Here are some tested techniques and habits to help you get your Zs on.


Reduce Sugar and Salt Intake

A crucial part to detoxing your body is watching what you eat. Consuming an excessive amount of sugar may lead to cardiovascular disease, weight gain, and skin problems.  Similarly, too much salt may result in heart disease and high blood pressure. These tips can be very helpful to reduce sugar cravings and help keep you at your best to handle stress and support your detox.   

Stay Active

Getting regular exercise is a great way to manage your weight and improve your overall strength.  If you are just starting to exercise, ask a friend or family member who is more experienced for recommendations. Whether it’s going for a daily jog or regularly hitting the gym, exercise is fantastic for cleansing the body AND helping you get a good night's rest!


5 Ways to Detox Your Mind

Mental health is as important to physical health. Arguably, they are very connected.  Check out these easy, practical ways to do a mental detox.



Meditating can help you focus on the present moment and help you manage your anxiety, depression, and sleep issues.  Though there are plenty of classes and workshops out there, you can also download an app and meditate from the comfort of your home.



A journal can help you decompress and gain a new perspective on your issues. When you write down everything you did in a day, you get to have some distance from these that may stress you out. You can also use your journal to list things that you like to do and things you don’t like to do. This way, you will be documenting your progress as you unlock your true self. Check out these beautiful self-care journals and choose target goals such as building new habits, bringing more positivity into your life, gratitude, simple self care and more!



Yoga is fantastic for relaxation and alleviating sleep problems.  Integrate it into your daily routine by starting every morning with some yoga.


Go For A Hike

Being in nature can decrease feelings of anger and stress and boost your mood.  If you feel like your life is getting overwhelming, schedule some regular time for exploring nature. Research which hikes are close by. You can also make this a social activity by inviting any friends or family members who enjoy hiking. Just remember to pack water and snacks. Nature can also be a great place to get introspective and delve into your feelings. Bring your journal with you on your hike and set aside some time to draw a sketch, write a poem, or jot down a journal entry near  a scenic view! 


Set A Limit For Your Apps

Smartphone usage has been linked to sleep issues and negative feelings of self-worth.  With social media, it’s easy to spend hours gazing at your phone and drifting off in some far-off fantasy of a life that’s seemingly unattainable. Though you may need these apps for work, you should try your best to set a limit on how much time you spend on them. You can try reading a book (the old fashion way!) and putting your phone in the other room. If there’s a specific app that’s making you particularly stressed, you can set up a system on your phone that blocks you from it after a certain amount of time. Read more about the downside of screen time here.

When it comes to detoxing your body and mind, you should take it day by day.  Integrate these tips gradually and pick and choose what’s right for you. Regardless of what’s happening in your life, it’s never a bad idea to take a step back and talk to an online therapist. Therapy can help with feelings of stress, depression, and anxiety. Just remember to be patient with yourself. Detoxing your body and mind can take a lot of time and energy. You won’t get there all at once, and that’s okay.