Not today jet-lag, not today









Did Mary-Kate and Ashley ever miss out on any adventures or serendipitous summer flings because of jet lag? They sure didn’t. That's because they know their stuff. MK + A were not available to interview and weigh in on this post, but we think we can still help you out.

We go on vacations to explore, relax, see, do, eat, drink, and be merry. There is nothing worse than losing a day or two of vacation due to prolonged jet lag. We want you to get the most out of your trip, so check out some ways to fight the good fight against public enemy number 1: jet lag.
1. ZZZzzzzz
Avoid the evil in flight temptresses: unlimited movies and drinks (on international flights) and get to sleep! If you’re roughin it back in economy, BYO-Blanket for that extra level of comfort. Bring whatever is necessary, and TSA approved, to help you zonk out.
Hit the ground running, do a quick refresh and head out the door. You’re in *insert cool place here* for christ sake, so get out there and see it. Only take a nap if you arrive at your hotel before 11 AM and you just must lay down because woe is me. Set an alarm for an hour and then force yourself to get up and get your Dora the Explorer on. Movement and exercise are important when jet-lagged, sitting and sleeping is not. Do as the locals do; go to bed and awake when they would. You can even prep before by adjusting your sleep schedule. For example, if flying east wake up an hour or so earlier a few days before traveling.
2. In Flight Beverages
We know sleeping is important so pre-pack a few tea bags with Nightea. Its best when it steeps for 30-45 min (seems excessive but the more potent the harder you’ll go night night) so if you can get some hot water post security and pre-flight, fab. If not, ask a flight attendant for a cup of hot water when the beverage cart comes on the scene.
Endless Aperol Spritz, liters of wine, boots of beer, and all the pina coladas…there will be plenty of that later. At this point, water should be a no-brainer. Drink as much as you can before, after and during your flight. Being ‘that’ person that has to get up several times to use the restroom has its benefits. Starting a vacation feeling bloated and dehydrated ain’t cute.
3. Pop Pills
Since supplements don’t come in travel size we are all about this adorable pill sorter, we are sure MK + A would use! If you need help finding the right one call Nana. Feel free to bedazzle as you see fit. Keeping up with your supplement routine is clutch when showing jet lag who’s boss. Vitamins, herbs, and adaptogens (Rhodiola, Ashwagandha, and Maca) help your body fight symptoms of jet lag like to stress, weakened immune system, fatigue, and poor digestion.
4. Sparkle Magic
Moonstone is a great little travel buddy and promises to not hog the armrests. It is known to help with jet lag by helping travelers maintain a healthy sleep schedule. It also offers extra protection and peace of mind when traveling over water.
Amethyst (not for jet lag but just funsies)  protects from unseen attack and is like a form of sparkly travel insurance. It offers protection from thieves...or awful airline attendants that can’t seem to tag your bag correctly and it ends up in 2,000 mi away from your final destination. Amethyst's energy also supports a feeling of cooperation and flexibility which is helpful when looking for more adventure, immersing in a new culture, or dealing with a flight delay or last-minute gate change. You gotta go with the flow like Mary Kate and Ashley.
Peace. Love. Passport to Paris.