Reboot Out Of Your Quarantine (or any other) Funk

Feeling *blah* after staying inside for 3 months?

We asked Spencer Beck, one of our customers, how his Reboot of pure cold pressed juices went and to share his answers below.

How did you prepare for your Reboot? Did you drink or eat anything in particular?
I was super unprepared. I hadn't had a particularly large dinner the night before, but I woke up & knew it was the right day to do start my pressed juice cleanse as a major reboot.

What day of the week did you complete your Reboot? Is there a specific reason why you chose this day?
I did my one-day Reboot on a Thursday. I had planned to do it the day before, but some slight digestive pain made me wait. Because of quarantine/isolation making all of the days sort of bleed together, to me there was no difference if I had done this on a weekend or weekday.

What did you do during the day you completed your Reboot? (work, workout, see friends, stay at home, etc.)
I went on a long morning walk, did some at-home yoga, ran a few errands, & I spent the rest of the day at home working on my art, packaging sales, & complaining to my husband about how hungry I was. [I wasn't really that hungry, but that didn't stop me from complaining while he ate his dinner!] 

How did you feel during the day?
I felt a *lot* of different things. In the morning, I felt good. The Daily Greens & Spicy Lemonaid were a really refreshing way to start the day, even though breakfast is my favorite [& biggest!] meal of the day. By the afternoon, I was starting to feel like I *should* have been eating; I felt my body just wanting to chew on something, even though I knew I wasn't actually that hungry. By the evening, finishing up the last few Jrinks, I felt really good & accomplished.

How did you feel the day after?
I expected to wake up starving [in fact, I expected to wake up in the middle of the night & sneak downstairs to eat a bag of Goldfish] but I woke up feeling really good! 

What was the hardest thing about the Reboot?
The hardest part was figuring out how to let my body know that it was okay to spend a day *not* eating. I realized that a lot of the mid-day snacking that I do is more out of boredom than actual hunger, & that has been a really valuable thing to remember. Since we're all spending so much time at home, with free reign over our pantries, it was a good reset [reboot!] to remind my body of what hunger *actually* feels like; hunger & boredom are not the same thing!

What was your favorite juice and why?
Even outside of a Reboot, I really love Farma-C, but I was pleasantly surprised by Spicy Lemonaid. It gave me just the right kick to think, alright, this is working!
Anything else to share?
I wasn't expecting the results to be as long-lasting as they have been. I finished the Reboot on Thursday night, & now, five days later, I have noticed that my cravings for chocolate & salty snacks has significantly gone down. I used to find myself reaching for Trader Joe's dark chocolate peanut butter cups or plantain chips all the time, but I haven't had chocolate since the day before my Reboot! It's not that there's anything wrong with snacks or sweets, but I haven't even found myself wanting them, which has been a huge surprise. If anything, I am craving things like the crunch of carrots or the tartness of cherries! That has been a fun takeaway, & I can see myself doing a monthly Reboot if the results have felt this empowering.