Ultimate Reboot Results Q&A with Sharon Kim

We asked a loyal customer and DC fitness guru, Sharon Kim, to try our new 1-Day Ultimate Reboot and report her results.

How did you prepare for your Reboot? Did you drink or eat anything in particular?
I already minimize my dairy intake, but I made sure not to eat meat or dairy the day before. Basically what I am doing is easing my body into the Reboot -- reducing inflammation so my body isn't as surprised.

What day of the week did you complete your Reboot? Is there a specific reason why you chose this day?
I chose Sunday as it marks the closing of one week, and the beginning of the next. It is also the one day of the week I can rest my body fully (not teaching classes or at my fight training camp).

What did you do during the day you completed your Reboot?
During the day, I mostly stayed home, set the intention that not only was I rebooting my body, but also rebooting my mind and spirit as well. I did some reading, laundry, cleaned, went on a walk outside, and kept it relatively low key.

How did you feel during the day?
Great! I felt clear-headed, light, refreshed, and alert throughout. Since I prepped the day before, my body wasn't craving anything extensive or heavy.

How did you feel the day after?
Hungry - but in the best way. My brain didn't automatically route to opening up UberEats and ordering food that will exhaust me. Instead, I reached for hydration and fruit (the original fast food) -- food that will energize me.

What was the hardest thing about the Reboot?
Getting hungry around early evening time after spending the day walking around and doing household chores -- it's natural to want to make a heavier dinner with a glass of wine, but it's not that difficult when you reconnect with why you decided to reboot in the first place and that it is temporary.

What was your favorite juice and why?
Farma-C has always been my favorite since I started juicing with JRINK since... 2013 or 14 I believe? I can literally feel the jolt of energy hit my veins on the first sip. It's refreshing and revitalizing without any caffeine. The hint of grapefruit and ginger also gives it an edge that leaves an impression on your taste buds in the best way.

Did you notice any tangible changes in your body or how you felt after completing the reboot? 
A few pounds of fluctuating weight loss for the day, no stomach irritation or inflammation and no bloating.

Anything else to share?
For someone who is active most of the time, I wonder if there could be a reboot focused on energy and protein maintenance in the future because whenever I do a juice cleanse I have to make sure I do it on a rest day.

Ultimate Reboot with Sharon Kim