5 Ways to Stay Balanced During Vata Season

Fall is the season for Pumpkin Palooza, flannel shirts, booties, floppy hats, leaf peeping and Instagramming all of it.  Back when it was a billion degrees outside, and wearing flannel sounded like torture, we discussed how to keep cool during the fiery Pitta season.  Alas, Fall is approaching, temperatures are dropping, days are shorter and the air is getting dryer.  Those with a Vata constitution (Vata whatta?  Take this Quiz to discover your Dosha) will be seeking the comfort of all things warm, nourishing and flannel. Have we mentioned flannel?  Flannel.

5 Ways to Balance Vata during the Fall season

It is typical for Vatas feel imbalanced during Fall due to the fact that they share the qualities of wind: cold, dry, irregular, and mobile.  Perhaps you are lucky enough to be living in a Vata paradise (we’ve suggested Coolio do a Dosha-inspired version of Gangster’s Paradise...no word yet) where your cold and dry is met with a warm and moist environment #yintoyouryang.  If this is not the case you may see your body reflect the qualities of nature such as dry skin, achy joints, weight loss, decrease in sleep quality and feelings of anxiety and depression. Here’s what to do:

  1. Major: Routine. Routine. Routine

Focus on containing scattered energy by keeping grounded while embracing Vata’s creative side.  Vata is what makes us move and flow, it is the spirit of poetry.  Out of balance it can make us scattered, unstable, and emotionally overloaded.  Do simple things to create routine in your life like eating meals at the same time, going to bed and waking up on schedule, or simply drinking a warm beverage every morning.

  1. Hibernation Station

Vata’s love movement and constant activity but taking time to get proper rest will pacify Vata’s imbalance. Say yes to a night in with a cozy blanket, worn in sweatpants and no bra. Getting a good nights sleep is also essential for mental clarity, digestion, and skin health during Vata season.

  1. Take It Or Leaf It

Just as the trees shed their leaves in the Fall, it's the perfect time of year to clean up your environment.  De-clutter your closet and get rid of anything that is holding you back or stressing you out.  It's pacifying for Vata to put some sort of order and system into place to bring stillness to the constant motion of their life.  This also creates a more relaxing environment.

  1. Eat Dinner, Get Grounded

Since Vata is light and airy we need to make sure they don’t blow away in the wind. Other than wearing shoes made of cement we suggest cutting back on light, dry, raw foods and consuming heavy, oily, and warming foods this fall.  Think sweet potatoes, pumpkin, dark meat (in moderation), fish, cinnamon, cloves, turmeric, sesame oil, ginger, soups and ghee.  Oh em ghee, doesn't this menu sound amazing?

  1. Oil Me Up, Baby

Adding oil to your skincare routine will help to keep Vata skin balanced and as dewey as a freshly picked apple...is that a thing?  Ok well it is now.  Cold-pressed sesame oil helps to moisten and warm skin.  We’re also big fans of Hyaluronic Acid and Squalene Oil, but avoid any moisturizers or cleansers with alcohol as this will further dry out skin. 

Also, place a diffuser next to your bed at night to add moisture into the air as you sleep--a few drops of rose or orange essential oils will help contribute to a more peaceful night sleep.