Wellthy Woman: Joanna Andreae

What is a Wellthy Woman? She is a woman we admire, someone we feel can make us better people just by getting to know her. She is filthy rich in knowledge, experience, and finding balance...but is okay admitting she's not. She is a woman who wants to share with you what she carries in her “wallet”, how she invests in herself (beyond self-care), and how she invests in others. Find out every Wednesday on our Instagram and catch a recap of their story here. 
Joanna Andreae is on a mission to dispel the belief that meditation has to be difficult. She is a wellness consultant and stress-reduction advisor to companies all over the country, where she teaches yogic technologies for greater energy, balance, and peace of mind. She is an avid practitioner and teacher of Kundalini yoga, has a deep love for mystic poetry, and is the mama of an adorable rescue pup named Theo. 

What does Wellthy mean to you?

For me true "wellth" means having a sense of purpose and alignment in life. It means you are on a journey - a quest for something that you feel passionate about - be it family, more knowledge, creativity, etc, and you find a way to be grateful for it during the ups and downs. And I think wellth also includes an understanding of how to cultivate clarity, sovereignty and jthe ability to feel good as you live your life. So knowing and actively practicing methods to resource health, healing, and more energy are, in my opinion, the true commodities of the time.

What is your dosha?

Vata Pitta

Who are your top Wellthy Woman and why? 

Guru Jagat - she is an incredible teacher, business woman, and leader. Without her I would not have found Kundalini yoga. She's also hilarious - always a bonus.

Lisa Lister - an unapologetic lover of the feminine body and form, she on a mission to free the taboos of feminine cycles and encourage women to get to know ourselves and align with our ever-changing, yet powerful rhythms.

Dr. Kelly Brogan - a badass psychologist here to shake things up when it comes to mental health. She is giving people the power of their minds back (quite literally) through her provocative challenging of assumptions around mental illness/mental issues and empowered solutions to heal thyself.

What are your top 5 tips to staying Wellthy?

1. Stop taking your breath for granted. The yogi’s say if you breathe less than 7 breaths per minute, you will actually start to command and magnetize the things you want towards you. Most of us breathe more like 15 or more. Channel your breath, change your life.

2. Take a hard look at how you're spending your time. Time scarcity haunted me for a long time (ha!). But when I finally got honest with myself about the distractions and time sucks (ahem, instagram, youtube..etc), I was able to more clearly see how much time I actually have available to do all the things I want to do.

3. Embrace your flow. Some of us need a lot of naps. Some of us like to be out and about constantly. Whether you're trying to create something or just figuring out how to craft your weekend plans, honor the needs of your own energy flow. I vacillate between homebody hermit and teacher of large groups - and it works really well for me.

4. Empower yourself to understand how good you can feel through certain practices. It is your birthright to feel good! Is it that you need to shift your eating? Ok - it's time to eat more veggies. Do you need to move that body? Get to an exercise class or try something online. Stop complaining and start taking responsibility for what needs to shift in order to feel abundantly well.

5. Listen to the gong at night. I know this may sound silly, but it's one of the first things I advise all my clients to do these days. All night long our subconscious can just run wild and if we direct it with a gentle but higher vibrational sound (like a well-played gong) it's like we've been meditating all night long. As we sleep our subconscious gets a little shower and that is always a good thing. My favorites are anything from the "White Sun Gong" album.

Can you describe your journey to becoming Wellthy? What was your ah-ha wellthy moment or a big turning point?

Oof. Yes. I was burning the candle at both ends. Traveling nonstop. Planning a wedding. Then right after said (super stressful) wedding, my Dad had a massive stroke. It was one thing after another to shake things up and really challenge my priorities. It was all - in retrospect - part of the journey.

You see, there was a time I would roll up my mat during savasana at the end of yoga and split. I hated to be alone with my thoughts and used to think I could never meditate. But all these life shake-ups crystallized for me what was and wasn't working in my life and I was able, for the first time in a long time, to find the motivation to manage my stress in an active and transformative way.

My journey of healing and the ability to empathize with those in high-stress, high-intensity roles I think is one of my greatest gifts now when I speak at organizations and teach others how easy it is to feel good in your body, in your mind, and in your life.

Since the journey to being Wellthy is never over, what are some Wellthy goals that you have for yourself?

Continuing to celebrate my victories. Be they small or large without passing them by in a fury to get to the next thing :)

Teaching more internationally - I especially want to go to Sweden and Spain next year.

Continuing to fine-tune my connection to creativity, allowing that abundance of inspiration to keep channeling through me as a vehicle to heal self and others

I will feel so very Wellthy when I start to grow the Wandering Wellness community digitally. I want to utilize technology for good and powerful human connection and I'm excited to explore what that looks like for this tribe moving forward.