Who is she? She's Celery.


Celery is having a moment.  Don’t tell us you haven’t noticed this veg all over your news feed and Instagram. 

These crunchy green stalks have been sitting on the sideline patiently waiting their turn. They watched as kale went from a garnish to a worldwide phenomenon. Celery cheered on brussels sprouts as they went from yucky to oh-so trendy and everywhere. They even supported avocados from the very beginning...from guacamole, to toast, to more toast and beyond. Now, it is celery’s time to step out of the shadows and off a giant plate of chicken wings. Celery, it's your time to shine as the main event!

Chewing 13 stalks of celery first thing in the morning seems like a major time suck and a lot of chewing so we have put the power of 13 stalks of pure cold pressed celery juice in our favorite glass bottles so you can reap the benefits in just a few sips, just as Anthony Williams, the Medical Medium celery guru, recommends. You can read more about the wild benefits of cold pressed celery juice here.

This is Pure Celery. What are the benefits of our cold-pressed celery JRINK?  Let us tell you:

1.  Alkalizing

Pure cold-pressed celery is extremely alkalizing. Pure Celery as a whole works to lower the level of acid in the body to maintain a healthy pH of 7.4. Acidosis can be caused by consuming too much sugar, alcohol, processed foods, artificial sweeteners, dairy, and meat.  So if you’re feeling off after a weekend bender full of pixie sticks, diet soda, and McRibs...we know why.

2.  Anti-Inflammatory

Inflammation is basically the root of all evil in the body. It causes arthritis, acne, sore muscles, digestive issues, depression, anxiety, mood swings, bad hair days, and cracked iPhone screens (okay, those last two aren’t true but the rest are and nobody wants any of those things).  So why wouldn't you want to fight inflammation?

3.  Glowing Skin

Celery juice is fabulous for skin due to its high levels of certain vitamins and minerals. Vitamin A, B, C, K, niacin, and folate help to repair skin damaged by promoting the production of collagen which is vital to keeping skin smooth and firm. Celery is also high in calcium, potassium, and magnesium. These minerals are responsible for the brightening of skin. Lastly, Heal Me Up helps to repair a leaky gut which leads to clear, blemish-free skin.

4.  Anxiety Relief

As mentioned above, celery is full of magnesium. Those with a magnesium deficiency may have high levels of stress, anxiety and have issues falling asleep at night. You probably know that the brain in your head plays a big role in moods and emotions but did you know you have a second brain?

A healthy gut will keep you happy, but a leaky gut caused by inflammation will rain on your parade. When you have a leaky gut the bad bacteria is no longer contained within the lining of your gut. It gets out into your bloodstream. A toxin is then released which triggers negativity and brain fog.

Are you pouring Pure Celery all over your entire life yet? Tempted? We dare you. But maybe avoid your laptop and cellphone.