How do JRINKs differ from other commercially sold juices?
  • We do not pasteurize our juices (i.e. "cook" the drink at 250ยบ plus heat, leaving little nutritional value and sugars).
  • Our juices maintains authenticity and purity in its simplest form; no added sugars, heat, chemicals, or pressure processing.
  • We use 100% fruits and vegetables, local where possible and without any use of additives or juice concentrates
  • Pasteurization or High Pressure Processing ("HPP") prolongs shelf-life, making it a much more cost-efficient product. Typical grocery store and whole foods juices that wholesale juices, will be HPP'd and processed. Easiest way to know is by checking shelf life; anything longer than ~7 days will likely be processed.
    What are the benefits of cold-pressed juice?
    A more balanced pH (we tend to have very acidic bodies with modern-day diets) through the alkalizing properties of natural fruits & veggies, especially leafy green vegetables, increased mental clarity and energy, clearer and glowing skin over time, organ and tissue cleansing, weight management, the list goes on. The best results come with prolonged healthy habits but small changes, like one juice a day, will make the world a difference. Read a case study here on how one of our customers lost 20 lbs while generally feeling lighter with more energy.
    How long will JRINKs last?
    Because they are cold-pressed, JRINKs will last up to 5 days if refrigerated and unopened. Nut milks are ~3 days due to the fatty acid component, leading to higher rates of oxidization. If you drink more than 2 a day, we suggest waiting at least 2-3 hours between each JRINK. Once opened, please consume within the next 3 hours. All juices are date labeled upon juicing.
    Where do you buy your ingredients?
    We do our best to buy all our produce from local farms (Bowie Produce, Foxyleaf, Coastal Sunbelt) but where such options are not available (e.g. citrus) from the highest-quality suppliers in the US. Our ingredients are at the core of our product and we take strict care with multiple checkpoints to ensure the highest of quality output for your consumption.
    How do you make your juices?
    We use a commercial hydraulic press juicer with 6 tons of press weight to cold-press and extract liquids from fruits and vegetables. JRINKs are unpasteurized and raw, without adding any heat or preservatives, leaving all the important enzymes and nutrients alive.
    How many calories are in your JRINKs?
    We advocate for JRINKs to be part of a wholesome lifestyle, and do not believe in calorie counting. Think of our juices as vitamin pills in its purest form: fresh nutrients and enzymes that nourish your body. Please don't think of our juice as a diet but rather a Reset button; we want to give you access to unadulterated essential vitamins from fruits and vegetables that you would otherwise not consume. There are no "empty" calories in our juices. Everything gets used by your body in an appropriate manner and stored in different areas to give you energy and nourishment. However, we understand that it is a concern for many individuals; our juices range from 50-200 calories per bottle with the Reboot being around 1,200 calories per day.
    Where do you make your juices?
    A large commercial kitchen space located in Falls Church, Virginia. Because of the size of our juicer and the labor-intensive nature of our bottling operation, the juices must be made offsite. We deliver fresh daily to our customers and to our stores.
    Where do you deliver?
    We currently offer local delivery within the DMV area - check our zip code verifier on our locations page to see if we deliver to your neighborhood! For an additional delivery fee, we may accommodate a special order outside of our delivery region. Email us at
    Will you lose weight while juicing?
    Probably, but this is not the intention with our juices. We offer both JRINK 6-Packs (as an added supplement to your food-ful diet) and JRINK Reboots (3-day option) but donโ€™t recommend drinking juice for weight loss alone. The ability to "reset" the mind after days / weeks of eating processed junk is one of the biggest reasons we recommend juicing in addition to the detoxifying and alkalizing effects. But yes, most people find that they do lose weight and most importantly, a mental shift in their approach to sustainable healthy living.
    Are you all organic?
    We want to make fresh, cold-pressed and all-natural juices available to everyone. We strive to be organic whenever possible and keep in mind the end cost to our customers. This democratizes JRINKs to be more affordable and thus 30% cheaper on average.
    How about the fiber?
    Fiber is important, we agree. But the reality is that our busy lifestyles are not exactly conducive to eating 10 whole apples or cucumbers a day. In addition, solid foods require many hours of digestive activity before its nourishment is finally available for use. Juice extraction through cold-pressing allows for complete removal of the fibers which enables the juices to be quickly absorbed by the body with minimum effort on the part of the digestive system and therefore converts into fuel fast. Fuel up!
    Are any of the stores open?
    As of March 31, all JRINK storefront locations are CLOSED due to COVID but we do deliver all over the DMV!
    What is your return policy?
    All sales are final.
    What if I missed my delivery?
    If your juice is not handed directly to you, our driver will send a text or give you a call. If more than 5 minutes have passed, we will leave the juices in a place that's as safe as possible. Please note, JRINK is not responsible for lost or stolen juice, or products that have been left out for any period of time. All sales are final as we cannot resell products that have been opened (all our juices are made fresh to order).
    Can I add a discount to my subscription?
    Unfortunately, discounts and gift cards cannot be applied to subscription orders.
    Can I apply more than one discount to my order?
    Only 1 discount can be applied to each order.

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