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Pick Me Up - JRINK, Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland Cold-Pressed Juice Bar, Catering & 3-Day Cleanse Delivery.


Beet, Carrot, Apple, Orange, Lemon

When to JRINK

  • Liver detoxifier
  • Antioxidant rich
  • Promotes blood circulation

Flavor Profile

A fan-favorite beet juice that even if you're "not a beet person", we think your heart will approve, because that's just what beets do.  My flavor comes in layers — earthy, sweet and tangy — that are as well balanced as your yoga teacher in tree pose. Roots matter; I’m here to help you to stay true to yours.


Full Product Details

  • Energy
  • Skin Cleanser

Size & Quantity

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Not really my type, but....

This is pretty good. My sis loves this as well as my mother. I had to taste it and I must say it was good. Thanks mom and sis.... if you haven't try this you are missing out!


Okay, so I like this one, but at first I was a little iffy on trying it because of the smell. When I tasted it it tasted great! I do like the flavor and I took this with me on my run. I love beets and this was a great choice also knowing that it is good for you is a plus! Overall I am satisfied!

Beet juice beet juice beet juice

If you don't like beets but want the health benefits, this is a good option. It still has a mild beet flavor, but it's sweeter and so much more palatable than eating beets, at least for me.

My favorite

I can only handle so much beets so I love the 8 oz size. The bottles are adorable. I use them for holding nuts. In-stores they also sell spice caps for $1.

Want the big one back!

I'll take what I can get. Makes beets even taste good.

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