Ayurveda: The Greatest Thing to Happen Since Sliced Carb-Free Bread

Our bodies are complicated. They often have us thinking, "WTF are you trying to tell me? I'm eating healthy. I'm exercising. What else do you want from me?!"

Wellness is not one size fits all, and just like horizontal stripes aren't everybody's best friend, neither is cutting out fruit just because @susie_sweatstagram__87 says all sugar is the devil. What others eliminate may be just what your body needs or vice versa which is why you need to treat your body like the unique special snowflake unicorn that it is!

So what if there was a Myers Briggs for your unique special snowflake unicorn mind + body?  Well, there is!  It's called a Dosha Quiz and it ain't that new new, it’s that old old.  Ayurvedic medicine has been around for thousands of years and was founded on the belief that our mind and body are mutually composed of three energies, or Doshas, found in nature: Pitta (Fire + Water), Vata (Air + Space), and Kapha (Earth + Water).

Traces of each Dosha exist in all of us, but some are more dominant than others. Knowing which elements are more active can help you understand how to react to your environment and strengthen your mental and physical wellbeing.

Your Dosha is an innate system for how you should eat, JRINK (ehm, drink), exercise, deal with stress, etc, so we can stay in balance.  If you often get hot, are intense, and super focused, you're likely a Pitta-type that doesn't need anymore heat or adrenaline. Spicy foods, sweaty high-intensity workouts, and high amounts of caffeine will cause Pitta to become imbalanced which results in heartburn, excessive body heat, skin rashes and a combative temper.  But if you're cool like Kapha then spicy foods, Matcha and workouts like SoulCycle are pacifying.  Think of pacifying as finding the yin to your yang. Ya, dig?

Our all day everyday Woman Crush Wednesday, Mother Nature is no stranger to pacifying. She provides us with supplements that go beyond a generic, one-size-fits-who daily vitamin. Remember, you are not generic. You are a unique special snowflake unicorn and you deserve a special unique snowflake unicorn (SUSU) daily supplement! 

Moon Juice specializes in SUSU supplements and provide adaptogens and herbs from Mother Nature's pantry to combat stress, calm anxiety, stimulate energy, boost sex drive and whatever else will help YOU yin YOUR yang.