Pure Celery

Pure Celery - JRINK, Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland Cold-Pressed Juice Bar, Catering & 3-Day Cleanse Delivery.


100% Cold-Pressed Celery

When to JRINK

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Excellent digestif on empty stomach
  • Curb sugar cravings

Flavor Profile

In stalk by popular demand -- containing zero sugars, low (to negative) calories and extremely alkalizing, this JRINK is packed with over 15 vitamins & minerals making it a micronutrient-rich elixir.  Each bottle contain 13 whole stalks of celery i.e. a super healthy and detoxifying beverage that aids in digestion and helps to calm inflammation in the body from stress, too much sugar, and alcohol.  

Need more convincing? Check out our post on the Top 4 Benefits Of Celery. 

Full Product Details

  • Rich in Greens
  • Skin Cleanser

Size & Quantity

Customer Reviews

Based on 130 reviews
Celery Juice Devotee

I am one of those people who is literally addicted to my daily celery juice - EVERY SINGLE MORNING on an empty stomach. I have a cold-press Norwalk juicer myself in LA and I make my own juices when I can, but when I travel to visit my parents in Maryland, I've been ordering my juice from Jrink. As an alternative health practitioner, what I can say about celery juice across the board is that it balances the hydrochloric acid in the gut, it clears up the skin, it soothes stress and gives my clients a lot more energy no matter their health concern. My only concern with the Jrink juice is that - from what I understand - it is not always organic and it seems waterier than the juice I make myself. However, as someone who juices myself, I know that fresh produce varies greatly in terms of liquid and taste from one day to the next apart from one month to the next. When I juice it myself, it tends to be a little greener and more bitter - again, I don't know what kind of produce they have access to. But for a cold-pressed juice in a glass bottle, delivered to my door, I can't really ask for much more. Plus the people who work in the shops (when I return the bottles) are lovely.

Pure Celery

Very refreshing....looks like celery, tastes like celery, it must be celery

My favorite

Absolutely love this juice.

1st Jrink of Heal Me Up

I've heard lots of buzz over the past few months on the new celery juice craze. I wasn't sure what to expect but it was refreshing. Not especially tasty but that's not the point. Three cheers to an extra dose of riboflavin!


Celery juice is all the rage, so I wanted to try this. It tastes like what you'd expect - celery. I liked it a lot though. Great way to hydrate, get veggies, and feel healthy,

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