5 Measurable Results of a JRINK Reboot


Our Reboots are popular for a reason. They're delicious, easy to do, and most importantly offer peace of mind nutrition when busy.  The 3-Day option is most popular, giving you the full benefits of a diet rich in fresh fruits & veggies.  Each day includes 6 delicious juices and 1 shot, ensuring you get a variety of flavors and nutrients.


We get a lot of questions around what to expect and any "results", so we wanted to share 5 quantifiable benefits of doing a Reboot, measured by a before-and-after Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) body scan of three JRINK Reboot customers. 


The Study:

We asked three of our customers who represented the demographic of the average Reboot clientele: a busy working professional, between the ages of 20-45 years old, faces a lot of digital connectedness and works out 1-3 times a week.  Our clients tell us they try to eat healthy, but still indulge in a lot of takeout, coffee and the occasional drink or two. 

The study was conducted over a full 7-day period: 2 days of prep, 3 days of the Intermediate Reboot, and 2 days of post healthy eating.  We analyzed the customers' before-and-after metabolism and body composition -- mainly their Resting Metabolism Rate (RMR) weight, body fat, and lean muscle mass.


The Schedule:


The Results:

  • Lost 2.3 lbs of body weight 
  • Lost 2.1% body fat (with 1 month of eating clean and regular exercise
  • Lost 3.78 lbs of pure fat mass
  • Gained 1.68 lbs of lean mass 
  • "Normal" to "fast" metabolism 


    So how did do DEXA scans measure this?  The patient lies on a scan table, and remains still while a scanner passes over different areas of the skeleton. A low-dose x-ray beam passes through the skeleton. (This x-ray is only 10% as powerful as a chest x-ray.) The DEXA technology measures the amount of x-rays absorbed by the bones, which indicates how strong the bones are, as well as muscle and fat mass.

    This technology is the most accurate method for body composition analysis trusted by research and elite sports labs, and is FDA-approved for its precision and efficacy.  If you'd like more information, please reach out and we'd be happy to help.



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    But what's it like?  Is it hard?  Which one is best for me?

    You'll do great. Learn more about what to expect from a Reboot in this interview with Sharon Kim, one of DC's most recognized fitness instructors or check out this handy chart to find the best Reboot for you:



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    Detailed DEXA Reports:





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